Finds stars in buffer im over a local threshold value. The threshold and low bad pixel value can be set with the THRESH= and LOWBAD= keywords, or else they will be prompted for in the normal DAOPHOT fashion. If THRESH= is specified, program won't ask user to confirm (or change) the value of THRESH after finding stars unless the INT keyword is also used. The program will prompt for a file in which to store the coordinates unless the command DAOFILES COO=file has been previously issued, in which case the coordinates will be stored automatically in the specified file.

FIND attempts to find objects which have a FWHM similar to that specified by the FWHM option by convolving the image with a gaussian of the specified FWHM before looking for objects (see the DAOPHOT manual and/or the source code for more precise details). After finding objects, some simple image statistics are computed for each object called SHARP and ROUND. SHARP measures the ``peakiness'' of the object and has values between 0 (not sharp) and 2 (very sharp). ROUND measures the azimuthal symmetry of an object and has values between -2 and 2. Only objects with SHARP and ROUND between the allowed values specified by the options LS/HS and LR/HR are taken as final detections.