AEDIT: Edit Values in Selected Image Regions

AEDIT will set all pixels in given image subregions to a constant value and create a VISTA logical MASK of those pixels. This can be done either interactively, through a box number, or through a formatted file containing a list of box definitions. If INT is specified, the user is expected to interactively determine on the display a number of regions to be edited. INT overrides BOX=n.

If INT is specified and a file name is given on the command line, AEDIT will write a list of the boxes it has edited into the specified file. The form is SR ER SC EC; the files are formatted (ASCII) files. If OLD is specified, AEDIT will read the regions to be edited from the specified file. If no file name is given on the command line, the user will be prompted for it. OLD overrides INT.

SET=x specifies the flag value to which to set the data (default = -7777). If the image is not displayed and INT is specified, this routine will display it. The keyword MASK tells the routine to create the logical mask only, and not actually change any pixel values.