RECON: Reconstruct an Image from a Surface Photometry Profile

RECON will reconstruct a smooth idealized image from a surface photometry profile of a galaxy, star, or any other centrally condensed object. The PROFILE command is used to generate the original profile. This routine uses high resolution interpolation to estimate the intensity of the original object at any pixel in the image array. The reconstructed image is faithful to the original brightness, and isophote position angle and ellipticity profiles, but has perfectly elliptical isophotes. In some sense then, the reconstructed object looks like the original object, but smoothed around a contour. The reconstructed image can then be compared to the original to look for faint and subtle features.

The reconstructed image is centered on the same pixel coordinates as the original image. This can be adjusted with the CR and CC keywords. The reconstruction extends only as far as the surface photometry profile; pixels outside of the photometry area are left untouched.

Note that the reconstructed object is placed in an image that already exists. Use CREATE to make a new image if one does not exist, or make a copy of the original image.

The reconstruction is based upon either the most recent surface-brightness profile computed using PROFILE, or a previously computed fit saved to disk with the SAVE PROF= command, and read back into memory with the GET PROF= command.