STRETCH: Stretch a Spectrum into a 2-D Image

The spectrum `source' will be stretched to form the image `dest.' If the VERT keyword is given the spectrum will be stretched vertically (i.e. the image `dest' will be constant down each column). If the HORIZ keyword is specified the spectrum will be stretched horizontally (constant across each row). The default (if neither keyword is given) is a vertical stretch.

The length of the stretch may be specified with the SIZE= keyword. For example if the VERT keyword has been specified then the SIZE= keyword will specify the number of columns in the resulting image. Note that the image will always have one dimension equal to the number of points in the `source' spectrum. If a size is not specified the program will try to use the size of any image already in the specified `dest' buffer. If this is not possible (i.e. if the appropriate dimension of the image currently in the `dest' buffer is not equal to the length of the `source' spectrum) the program will prompt for a size. The START= keyword specifies the start column or row of the image.