NMSU Tortugas Mt Observatory

Photos taken 28 June 2008 and 28 October 2008, Jon Holtzman

( Click on any of the photos for higher resolution / download)

Views looking N, E, S, and W

The road

The office/lounge

Science and photos -- what were the key projects and contributions?

Various instruments (someone tell me what these are!)

The darkroom -- how did all of this work?

Computer room

Plumbing -- any stories?

Base of the telescope and door/ stairs up

Dome slit and crank

The catwalk

Views of the B&C 24"

Setting dials and control paddle (click to enlarge)

Top end of the telescope

Secondary focus control and power

The old operations desk!

The new tower on the mountain, to the SE, to an altitude of 30-40 degrees

The old CCD camera on the back

The eyepiece into the diagonal mirror (with hole)

Instrument lift

Flat field screen

Dome rotation motor and dome wheels

Views towards Las Cruces and the Organ Mts

Flora and fauna

Photos taken January 2011 post some refurbishment work

Photos taken January 2020 of RA drive

Photos taken March 2012 of south domes