Current Graduate Course Schedule

2017 Spring Graduate Courses

Course #NameDayTimeLocationInstructor
ASTR 500SeminarTBDTBDAY119Holtzman
ASTR 506Dynamics and HydrodynamicsMW3:45-5:00AY119Klypin
ASTR 610Radio AstronomyTTh10:20-11:35AY119Walterbos
ASTR 616Galaxies IIMWF11:30-12:20AY119Finlator


Previous course schedules

While we have a nominal two-year course rotation, small modifications to this may be made to accommodate faculty sabbaticals, buy-outs, student interest, etc.

Two Year Graduate Course Rotation

Year A, Fall
ASTR 565Stellar InteriorsJackiewicz
ASTR 535Observational TechniquesHoltzman
ASTR 605Interstellar MediumWalterbos
Year A, Spring
ASTR 575 or ASTR 630Computational Astrophysics or Astrostatistics
ASTR 621Planetary Science IIMurphy
ASTR 625Cosmology (offered only if there is sufficient enrollment)Finlator, Klypin
ASTR 670HeliophysicsMcAteer
Year B, Fall
ASTR 555GalaxiesHoltzman, ?
ASTR 545Stellar SpectroscopyChurchill
ASTR 620Planetary Science IChanover
Year B, Spring
ASTR 506Stellar DynamicsKlypin
ASTR 610Radio AstronomyWalterbos
ASTR 616Galaxies IIKlypin, ?

In addition, in any given semester you are encouraged to take the ASTR 598 “research” course for 3 credits. An overview of the expectations of this course can be found here.