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I completed a B.A. degree in astronomy and physics in 2013 at the University of Virginia.

I worked with Dr. Steve Majewski to analyze data from the SDSS Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE). I began by evaluating the APOGEE target selection criteria, and examined the effects of the dereddening algorithm being applied to the input data drawn from the 2MASS photometric catalog. This work helped us to evaluate any possible metallicity bias in derived APOGEE stellar populations.

I have also focused on studying the kinematics and stellar populations of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy, mapping the velocity dispersion and metallicity profile within the central few degrees of this galaxy to test the membership criterion based on color-magnitude and radial velocity distributions for more than a thousand stars targeted by APOGEE.

I am interested in extragalactic astronomy, and began working with Dr. Jon Holtzman in the extragalactic group during the summer of 2013, continuing to focus on data from the SDSS APOGEE survey.


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