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I completed a B.S. degree in 2014 after double majoring in physics and astronomy at the University of Washington, Seattle. During this time I assisted with assembly and coding for the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) at the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics at UW. Switching gears to the realm of astronomy, I collected and analyzed photometric data of candidate symbiotic stars with Julie Lutz to catalog their variability. I also observed globular clusters under the supervision of Dr. George Wallerstein to ascertain the viability of using photometric filters to measure stellar metallicity.

As of August 2015, I have worked with Kristian Finlator to explore the use of aligned metal absorbers to measure the ultraviolet background at high redshift.  I have accomplished this using a variety of statistical methods to compare results from models to observations, and presented my preliminary findings at the From Wall to Web conference in July, 2016.

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Aligned metal absorbers and the ultraviolet background at the end of reionization
C. Doughty, K. Finlator, B. D. Oppenheimer, R. Davé, E. Zackrisson (2018)

My Astrobites Articles

*featured on AAS Nova


  • NMSU Merit-Based Enhancement Award (2018-2019)
  • NMSU College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Travel Award (Spring, 2018)
  • New Mexico Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship (2018)
  • NMSU College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Travel Award (Spring, 2016)
Meetings Attended
  • Walk the Line, March 2018 (galaxy line emission workshop)
  • San Diego Supercomputing Center Summer Institute.  July 2017
  • Women in Astronomy IV.  June 2017
  • From Wall to Web, IGM 2016.  July 2016
  • 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society.  January 2015
  • Cool Stars 18.  June 2014
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