NMSU Astronomy

Colloquium: Judit Szulágyi (Host: Wladimir Lyra)

July 31, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

The circumplanetary disks’ role in planet- and satellite-formation

Judit Szulágyi, ETH Zürich

Abstract: If planets are massive enough during their formation within the gaseous circumstellar disk, they will be surrounded by their own disk, the so-called circumplanetary disk. This subdisk (small disk, within the circumstellar disk) regulates the gas + dust flow to the nascent planet, hence influencing its accretion rate and how big the planet can grow by the end of the formation phase. The circumplanetary disk is also a place where the satellite-system assembles, like a scaled-down version of planet-formation within the circumstellar disk. During my talk I will show what we learned about the circumplanetary disk from thermo-hydrodynamic simulations, e.g. what planetary mass is enough to form this disk, how we can detect them, and what type of satellites might form within them. I will connect these with the formation of the Solar System gas/ice giant planets, as well as their satellite-system formation.

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