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I got my B.A. in Physics/Astronomy from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA in May 2015, under the amazing tutelage of Andrea Dobson and Nathaniel Paust. While there I did a smattering of small projects, mostly concerning photometry, observational astronomy, and image processing. I completed an REU at Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket Island, MA over the summer of 2014 where I worked with Peter Stetson on observing and identifying variable stars in open clusters.

At NMSU, I’m working with Nancy Chanover on ground-based optical observations in support of the spacecraft Juno’s microwave measurements of Jupiter’s atmosphere. We want to know just how the deep atmosphere (which can be detected in the microwave ) affects the dynamics of the topmost cloud deck, which we can measure at a wide range of visible wavelengths at APO with our NMSU Acousto-optic Imaging Camera (NAIC). NAIC contains an acousto-optic tunable filter, which is basically a special kind of crystal you can “tune” to let specific wavelengths through by applying a standing sound wave to it, making it super useful to take detailed spectral and spatially-resolved data. I also really enjoy outreach and teaching the public about cool astronomy things!


Meetings Attended
  • 225th AAS
  • DPS 2016
  • AGU 2016


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