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I received my B.S. in physics and astronomy in 2011 from the University of Washington. My graduate studies began in August 2011, working with Professor Bernie McNamara on methods to discover intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters, however I found my interests lay in cosmology and simulations. In 2012 I began work with Professor Anatoly Klypin, studying the correlation function of dark matter halos in MultiDark simulations.

After working with the simulated halos, I discovered my interest in weak gravitational lensing. For my thesis I have combined these interests by testing observational methods to recover masses of galaxy clusters, using cluster sized dark matter halos in the MultiDark Planck simulation. This is typically done by fitting the reduced shear of a density profile to the shear profile of the cluster, using the Navarro-Frenk-White density profile. My thesis tests this for two additional density profiles, and test the bias and scatter in the recovered mass distribution under varying halo shape, halo orientation, structure along the line of sight, and maximum projected radii of fit. I also explore the observational approximation that the total shear measured in background sources is all in the tangential shear component.

My thesis results are to published, paper in prep.


Connecting HI Kinematics and Physical Processes in Dwarf Galaxies’ ISM
Sean Markert, A. Stilp, J. Dalcanton, T. Quinn, & F. Governato 2011, BAAS, 43, 147.09