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Dr. Gaulme has interests in seismology of fluid bodies, as giant planets of our solar system, main-sequence stars, and red-giant stars. He is also involved in devoloping techniques and methods to measure planetary atmospheric dynamics with Doppler imaging in the visible domain.

Dr Gaulme is science PI of the NASA-EPSCoR granted JIVE in NM instrument project, which aims at detecting oscillations of Jupiter and Saturn and measure winds of thick atmospheres in our solar system. The instrument is a Mach-Zehnder interferometer at fixed optical path difference. He is also science PI of a NASA-ADAP grant to study eclipsing binairies detected by the NASA Kepler space telescope, and PI of several observation projects with K2, the resuscitated version of Kepler.

PhD students Jean McKeever and Meredith Rawls work with Dr. Gaulme on testing asteroseismology with the help of eclipsing binaries. For this project, observations of about 20 eclipsing binary systems were observed about 20 times each with the 3.5-m telescope at Apache Point Obsevatory, to measure the systems’ radial velocities and unveil their masses and radii. A new PhD student, Melanie Ravenel, from CEA and Universite Paris Diderot (France) is about to start a PhD under the supervison of Drs. Rafael Garcia (CEA) and Gaulme during Fall 2015, about asteroseismology of stars in eclipsing-binary systems. Undergraduate Mercedes Maldonado worked for about a year (2012-2013) with Dr. Gaulme on searching for reflected light of exoplanets in Kepler data.


Dr. Gaulme is support astronomer for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey at the Apache Point Observatory. He is in charge of night-time observations about 80 nights a year, which includes telescope operation, data acquisition, and data quality control.

Selected recent publications (student authors denoted by *):

Seismology of Giant Planets. Gaulme et al. 2015 , Chapter 14 of Extraterrestrial Seismology, Editors Tong & Garcia, Cambridge University Press

Surface Activity and Oscillation Amplitudes of Red Giants in Eclipsing Binaries. Gaulme et al. 2014 (A&A 785, 5)

Red Giants in Eclipsing binary Systems: Modeling and Asteroseismic Analysis of 70 Candidates from Kepler Data. Gaulme et al. 2013 (ApJ 767, 82)

Transiting Exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission XXV. CoroT-25 and CoRoT-26: a new Saturn mass planet and a low mass giant planet. Almenara, Bouchy, Gaulme, et al. 2013 (A&A 555, 118)

Detection of Jovian seismic waves: a new probe of its interior structure. Gaulme et al. 2011 (A&A 531, 104)

Venus wind map at cloud top level with the MTR/THEMIS visible spectrometer, I: Instrumental performance and first results. Gaulme et al. 2008 (Planet. Space Sci. 56. 1335)

SYMPA, a dedicated instrument for Jovian seismology. I. Principle and performance. Schmider, Gay, Gaulme, et al. 2007 (A&A 474, 1073)

Coupling of acoustic waves to clouds in the jovian troposphere. Gaulme & Mosser 2005 (Icarus 178, 84)


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