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I began my research career working as a member of Jane Charlton’s research group at The Pennsylvania State University for several years. My work there focused on linking the kinematic properties of strong MgII absorbers to the properties of their host galaxies located along quasar lines of sight. I have analyzed HIRES spectra from the Keck Observatory, and UVES spectra from the Very Large Telescope (VLT), focusing on both the general physics of atomic absorption and the specific objects under study. My graduate studies here at NMSU began in 2011 with Dr. Chris Churchill. I have just completed a project linking galaxy mass, as derived from HST/WFPC2 images, and absorbing HI kinematics, as measured in HST/COST spectra, finding that not only do lower mass galaxies preferentially expell their gas into the IGM, but also that outflowing galactic wind speeds which scale with galaxy mass do not match observations.


Halo Mass Dependence of HI and OVI Absorption: Evidence for Differential Kinematics
Mathes, Nigel L.; Churchill, Christopher W.; Kacprzak, Glenn G.; Nielsen, Nikole M.; Trujillo-Gomez, Sebastian; Charlton, Jane; Muzahid, Sowgat. ApJ, 2014.

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Constraining the Properties of OVI in the 0.4 < z < 1.0 Circumgalactic Medium
Rosenwasser, Ben; Muzahid, S.; Norris, J.; Charlton, J. C.; Rodriguez Hidalgo, P.; Wakker, B. P.; Narayanan, A.; Misawa, T.; Churchill, C. W.; Mathes, N.; Nielsen, N.; Ganguly, R. 2014

A Detailed Spatial Study of HI and OVI Absorbing Gas Around Galaxies
Mathes, Nigel; Churchill, C. W.; Kacprzak, G.; Nielsen, N. M.; Charlton, J. C.; Muzahid, S. 2014

A High Resolution Spatial Study of HI Gas Around Galaxies
Mathes, Nigel; Kacprzak, G.; Churchill, C. W.; Nielsen, N. M. 2013

The MgII Absorption View Through z < 1 Galaxies
Nigel Mathes, P. Rodriguez-Hidalgo, J. Charlton, S. Rao, & D. Nestor 2011, BAAS, 43, 345.05

Connections of MgII Absorption Kinematics and Galaxy Properties for a Sample of DLAs and Sub-DLAs
Nigel Mathes, P. Rodriguez-Hidalgo, J. Charlton, T. Jones, & S. Rao 2010, BAAS, 42, 491


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