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Assistant Professor NMSUAstronomy

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  • Galaxy formation and evolution at z~2-3
  • Using Lya emission to study galaxy formation on both low and high mass scales
  • Giant Lya nebulae as probes of ongoing galaxy formation and the circumgalactic medium
  • Physical properties of Lya-emitting galaxies at intermediate redshifts
  • Emission line diagnostics
  • Lya polarization observations

Primary Advisor:
Agnar Hall – studying the environments of Lyman-alpha nebulae using HST imaging.


Past Students:

Sean Sellers (graduate) – searching for Lyman-alpha nebulae using intermediate-band imaging

Jodi Berdis (graduate) – emission line diagnostics in Lyman-alpha nebulae

Alex Jenkins (undergraduate) – astronomical image processing

Arthur Cox (undergraduate) – emission line diagnostics in a Lyman-alpha nebula – now at JHU



ASTR 110G – Introduction to Astronomy

ASTR 401 – Topics in Modern Astrophysics

ASTR 402 – Introduction to Astronomical Observations and Techniques

ASTR 500 – Graduate Seminar

ASTR 555 – Galaxies I (starting Fall 2018)


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