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Graduate Student NMSUAstronomy
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I started working with Dr. Chris Churchill in 2012 on studying the flow of gas around galaxies and how this affects galaxy evolution. I study the circumgalacitc medium around simulated galaxies using mock quasar absorption spectra. The galaxies are cosmological zoom-in simulations using ART code, run by Dr. Daniel Ceverino and Dr. Sebastian Trujillo. I run lines of sight through the halos of the galaxies and generate mock quasar absorption spectra. These are analyzed in the same fashion as observations and are useful in constraining the simulations.

I am pleased to acknowledge support from the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium.


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Meetings Attended

January 2013: 221st American Astronomical Society Meeting in Long Beach, CA Talk: “The Distribution of Metals in the High Redshift Circumgalactic Medium Around Milky Way Progenitors” Vander Vliet, J; Churchill, C. W.; Klimek, E. S.; Trujillo, S.; Ceverino, D.; Klypin, A. A.

Teaching and Outreach Activities

I have been a teaching assistant for Introduction to Astronomy (ASTR 110G), Revolutionary Ideas in Science (ASTR 301V), and Into the Final Frontier (ASTR 308V).  I have served as a Head TA multiple times, teaching new TAs how to teach labs. I have also organized and ran the on-campus observatory which is used in the introductory labs.