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My current research interests are centered around observational astronomy, and extragalactic topics. I began my graduate studies in August 2014 working with Dr. Chris Churchill as a member of the extragalactic research group.

I worked with Dr. Michael Eracleous on several projects based around spectra of quasars. I searched for binary supermassive black holes in nearby quasars by studying velocity shifts in the broad emission lines and comparing profiles of broad UV and optical lines, and participated in a monitoring campaign of a quasar with double-peaked emission lines. I have worked with both Hobby-Eberly Telescope spectra and spectra from the CTIO 1.5-meter telescope, developing pipeline software in Python for data reduction and analysis.


Spectroscopic Monitoring of Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidates
Gavin Mathes, Michael Eracleous, Steinn Sigurdsson, Jessie C. Runnoe, & Tamara Bogdanovic 2014, AAS, 250.15.


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