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Graduate Student NMSUAstronomy

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Extragalactic, Galactic Evolution, Spectroscopy


  • “MATLAS Dwarfs I:  Hunting for Dwarf Galaxies and Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Low Density Environments”, Habas, R.; Marleau, F.; Pierre-Alain, D.; Durrell, P.; Paudel, S.; Poulain, M.; Sanchez-Janssen, R.; Sreejith, S.; Ramasawmy, J.; Stemock, B.; Cuillandre, J.C.; accepted, in prep (R. Astron. Soc.)
  • “Use of Commercial and Free Software for Teaching Statistics”, Kerns, L. and Stemock, B.; accepted, in prep (SERJ)
  • “On the equitable total (k+1)-coloring of k-regular graphs”, Stemock, B.; under review
Teaching and Outreach Activities

Fall 2019- ASTR 110:  Introduction to Astronomy, Lab Sections M02 and M04

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