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Professor Emeritus NMSUAstronomy
575.646.2007 ADS Publications

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Dr. Webber’s research is focused on high energy cosmic ray physics. He is directly involved with cosmic ray experiments on both the Pioneer 10 and Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft. These spacecraft are the first manmade objects to leave the solar system. Dr. Webber has a wide range of interests, including studies of cosmic rays in the heliosphere using the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft, H and He isotope studies and anti-proton measurements – I MAX balloon experiment, measurements of nuclear cross sections using liquid H targets at the SATURNE accelerator in France for Big Bang nucleosynthesis, Monte-Carlo simulations of cosmic ray nucleons and electrons in the Milky Way, studies of cosmic ray elemental and isotopic composition on Voyager, the Gamma-Ray Distribution in the Milky Way, and Gamma Ray Bursts. Dr. Webber is retired, but he remains a prolific researcher and continues to publish several scientific papers per year.

Currently Dr. Webber is working with Voyager I data in a search for the “solar shock”, where the sun’s solar wind slams into the interstellar gas between the stars.


Selected publications:

The Disappearance of Anomalous Protons at Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in the Outer Heliosphere between 1998 and 2002
Webber, W.R., McDonald, F.B., Cummings, A.C., Stone, E.C., Heikkila, B., & Lal, N. 2006, JGR, 111, A08107

Large Global Transient Decreases of >70 MeV Cosmic Rays Observed at Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in the Outer Heliosphere in 2001-2003: The Onset of Heliospheric 2-3 kHz Radio Emission and the Distance to the Heliopause
Webber, W.R., & Lockwood, J.A. 2005, JGR, 109, A06107

Updated Formula for Calculating Partial Cross Sections for Nuclear Reactions of Nuclei with Z <= 28 and E > 150 MeV/Nucleon in Hydrogen Targets
Webber, W.R., Soutoul, A., Kish, J.C., & Rockstroh, J.M. 2003, ApJS, 144, 153

Voyager Measurements of the Charge and Isotopic Composition of Cosmic Ray Li, Be, and B Nuclei and Implications for Their Production in the Galaxy
Webber, W.R., Lukasiak, A., & McDonald, F.B. 2002, ApJ, 568, 210

Interstellar Absorption of the Galactic Polar Low-Frequency Radio Background Synchrotron Spectrum as an Indicator of Clumpiness in the Warm Ionized Medium
Peterson, J.D., & Webber, W.R. 2002, ApJ, 575, 217

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