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Robert Edmonds

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow
Entered: 2008
Office: 101 Astronomy
Phone: (575)646-4438
Fax: (575)646-1602
E-mail: redmonds
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M.S.New Mexico State University,2012
B.S. University of New Mexico, 2008

Research & Education

My graduate research at NMSU focuses on the atmosphere of Mars. Specifically I am examining through modeling and observations the effects of gravity (internal buoyancy) waves on the Mars atmosphere, and Mars dust storm development. The research is funded through a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF). Previous graduate work included attempting to increase the vertical extent of the NASA Ames Mars GCM and including additional non-LTE effects. Previous work was partially supported by a Graduate Research Fellowship from the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium. I build and 'play' with several small scale atmospheric models.

I also recently completed (May 2014) a second Masters in Mechanical Engineering. This has allowed me to take several classes in fluids and fluid modeling that compliment my research.

As an undergraduate I worked with Dr. Ylva Philstrom on studying the far infrared-radio correlation for active galactic nuclei (AGN), utilizing both radio and Spitzer data sets, and on using the Very Large Array (VLA) to observe OH masers near to the Galactic Center.

I spent two summers working as a research assistant at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), and also at the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (ASTRON). I worked with Dr. Lorant Sjouwerman to evaluate 43 GHz SiO masers as potential calibrators for the VLBI Exploration of Radio Astronomy (VERA) project to study the Galactic Center. I also assisted with a search for exoplanets around white dwarfs, and in Dwingaloo analyzed images of the Whirlpool Galaxy via Faraday rotation measure synthesis. I spent Summer 2008 at NRAO in Socorro again, working with Dr. Jeff Wagg and Dr. Chris Carilli on searching for high redshift masers.

I also operate a small business which provides guided storm chasing tours in May and June. I have observed the world's widest recorded tornado, and have observed a tornado as far north as Canada.

If you have further interest in my academic activities, you are welcome to visit my department webpage.


Convective Instabilities During Mars Climate Sounder’s Limb Staring Mode Were Overestimated
Edmonds, R., Murphy, J., Schofield, J. & Heavens, N. 2014, Icarus, 237, 415-418.

The Westerbork SINGS Survey II. Polarization, Faraday Rotation, and Magnetic Fields
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An Expanded Very Large Array Search for Water Megamaser Emission in the Submm Galaxy SMM J16359+6612 at z = 2.5
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2014 The Fifth International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere,
Considerations on the Presence of Gravity Wave Activity During MCS Limb Staring Observations
Edmonds, J. Murphy, T. Schofield, N. Heavens

2012 American Astronomical Society, Division of Planetary Science meeting,
Interannual Variability of Gravity Waves in MCS & MGS RS Data
Robert Edmonds, J. Murphy

2010 American Astronomical Society, Division of Planetary Science meeting,
Examining Buoyancy Waves in the Martian Atmosphere with Mars Climate Sounder
Robert Edmonds, J. Murphy & D. Teal

2008 American Astronomical Society meeting,
Monitoring of 1720 MHz OH Masers in the Galactic Center
Robert Edmonds, Y. Pihlstrom & L. Sjouwerman

2007 American Astronomical Society meeting,
43 GHz SiO Masers for Phase Calibration with VERA in the Galactic Center
Robert Edmonds, L. Sjouwerman & Y. Pihlstrom

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