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Jeff Coughlin

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Entered: 2007
Office: 101 Astronomy
Phone: (575)646-4438
Fax: (575)646-1602
E-mail: jlcough
(append "@nmsu.edu")
M.S.New Mexico State University,2010
B.S. Emory University, 2007

I graduated with my Ph.D. in Astronomy from NMSU in September 2012, and have subsequently gone to work for NASA's Kepler Mission. My Ph.D. research was primarily on transiting extrasolar planets and low-mass eclipsing binary stars.

Please go to my homepage for information on my research, teaching, publications, and access to IRAF scripts, C++ code, and helpful webpages I've made available.

For a copy of my Ph.D. dissertation, click here.

For a complete list of my publications and presentations, please see my CV.