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A map showing the location of the Astronomy Building on the NMSU campus, on the Frenger pedestrian mall at the intersection of Frenger and Williams (near to Branson Hall Library), can be found here.

Parking at NMSU

To park on campus, you will need a temporary parking permit. You can pick one up from the main office of the Astronomy buidling. You can also get a permit in advance online here . You need to leave this permit in your car, placing it on your dashboard. This will allow you to park in any valid parking spot on the university campus, other than spots marked blue (handicapped), green (service vehicles), or lavender (on-campus residents).

Getting to Las Cruces

NMSU is located in Las Cruces, NM. If you are flying in, you should probably fly to El Paso, Texas and drive (about 55 minutes) up to Las Cruces.

Arriving from El Paso (or, in general, the south)

To get from the El Paso airport to NMSU, you can follow the following instructions/maps.

(Alternatively to all of the above, follow signs from El Paso airport to I-10, then take this north about 50 miles to Las Cruces. The above route is about the same distance, but is more scenic.)

Arriving from Tucson (or, in general, the west)

Arriving from Albuquerque (or, in general, the north)

Lodging in Las Cruces

We normally put visitors up at the Comfort Suites (575.522.1300). This has the advantage of being within walking distance of campus, and it is easy to find. The Comfort Suites is located on Triviz Dr., off of University Ave., essentially where University Ave intersects with I-25. You can get there by taking the University Ave. exit from I-25 (N or S) and heading west on University until the first light at Triviz. If arriving via I-10 from the west, take the Main St. exit to University Ave. as decribed above, but just stay on University up the hill until you hit Triviz Dr. just before coming to I-25.

We occasionally put visitors up in the Meson de Mesilla, a nice local bed and breakfast. To get to Meson de Mesilla from I-10, take the Mesilla exit (Hwy 28), and head south for about 1/2 mile; the Meson de Mesilla will be on your left before you arrive at the small town of Mesilla.

Walking to the Astronomy Department from the Comfort Suites

To walk from the Comfort Suites to the Astronomy Department, start off going down University Ave away from I-25. Cross the street at Locust or Jordan and walk straight into campus until you hit a large pedestrian walkway. Take a right on this, and walk down past the Student Union (Corbett Center). After passing this, take the walk which goes diagonally to the left through the parking lot, which will take you to the Frenger pedestrian mall. Walk past the Food Court and Williams St., and the Astronomy Dept. will be on your left, across from the Science Library (Branson Hall).