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Directory » Faculty

Jon Holtzman Department Head, Professor
Astr 102, 646.8181, holtz
Stellar populations; star clusters; galactic structure; cosmology
Kurt Anderson Professor Emeritus
Astr 211B, 646.1032, kurt
Galaxy morphology; active galactic nuclei; planets
Herb Beebe Professor Emeritus
Astr 211, 646.2107, hbeebe
The Tombaugh Project; history of NM astronomy
Reta Beebe College Professor
Astr 301, 646.1938, rbeebe
Planets; NASA Planetary Data System
Nancy Chanover   Associate Professor
Astr 210, 646.2567, nchanove
Planets; infrared imaging; radiative transfer modeling
Chris Churchill Professor
Astr 105, 646.1913, cwc
Quasar absorption lines; variations in fundamental constant
Kristian Finlator Assistant Professor
Astr 104, 646.4438, finlator
Cosmological reionization; the galaxy mass–metallicity relation; the intergalactic medium
Thomas Harrison   Observatory Research Specialist
Astr 103, 646.3628, tharriso
Cataclysmic variables; infrared spectroscopy
Jason Jackiewicz Associate Professor
Astr 106, 646.1699, jasonj
Joni Johnson Research Fellow
Astr 211A, 646.1518, jojohnso
Cataclysmic variables; PAGB stars
Anatoly Klypin Professor
Astr 202A, 646.1400, aklypin
Cosmological simulations; large scale structure
James McAteer   Assistant Professor
Astr 206, 646.4087, mcateer
Solar astrophysics; coronal mass ejections; space weather
Bernie McNamara   Professor Emeritus (not in residence)
646.4438, bmcnamar
Stellar dynamics, X-ray variable stars; gamma-ray bursts
Jim Murphy Associate Professor
Astr 202B, 646.5333, murphy
Mars climatology; numerical modeling
Moire Prescott Assistant Professor
Astr 206, 646.4438, mkpresco
Lyman-Alpha Nebulae; kinematics of gas within the cosmic web
Nicole Vogt Associate Professor (Affiliate, not in residence)
Astr 100, 646.4438, nicole
Galaxy formation and evolution; astronomy education research
Rene Walterbos Professor
Astr 204, 646.5990, rwalterb
ISM; stellar populations; star formation; galaxy morphology
Bill Webber Professor Emeritus
Astr 205, 646.2007, bwebber
Cosmic ray physics; isotopic studies, gamma ray distribution

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