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Joni Johnson
Research Faculty
Office: 211A Astronomy
Phone: (575)646-1518
Fax: (575)646-1602
E-mail: jojohnso
(append "@nmsu.edu")
Ph.D.University of Minnesota,1990
B.A. Lawrence University, 1984

Dr. Johnson studies cataclysmic variables (CVs) such as classical novae and dwarf novae, and post-asymptotic giant branch (PAGB) objects. She has a strong interest in polarimetry, particularly spectropolarimetry, which gives information about the structure of the circumstellar material around both CVs and PAGB objects. She has recently become involved in a project using the HST Fine Guidance Sensors to find parallaxes for dwarf novae, allowing accurate distances and hence luminosities to be determined.

Joni Johnson's personal homepage.