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Anatoly Klypin
Office: 202A Astronomy
Phone: (575)646-1400
Fax: (575)646-1602
E-mail: aklypin
(append "@nmsu.edu")
Ph.D.Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow,1980
B.S. Moscow State University, 1976


Testing cosmological models using different techniques is the main focus of Dr. Klypin's research. He is actively involved in developing new numerical methods for cosmological simulations and using supercomputers to make accurate theoretical predictions. He has published over 90 papers in refereed journals. Dr. Klypin's main interests also include the large-scale structure of the galactic distribution, the formation and structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters, galactic models, and dark matter in galaxies.

Fifth-year graduate student Sebastian Trujillo is working with Dr. Klypin and observational collaborators on evaluating the circular velocity function for galaxies in the nearby Virgo cluster, sampling a significant number of objects at low masses. Fourth-year student Kenza Arraki, has a strong interest in dwarf galaxies and satellites.


Dr. Klypin teaches Cosmology, Galactic Structure, Stellar Dynamics, and Introduction to Astronomy.


Selected Publications...

Halo properties in models with dynamical Dark Energy
Klypin, A., Maccio, A.V., Mainini, R., & Bonometto, S.A. 2003, ApJ, 599, 31

The Structure of Voids
Gottlober, S., Lokas, E., Klypin, A., & Hoffman, Y. 2003, MNRAS, 344, 715

LCDM-based models for the Milky Way and M31 I: Dynamical Models
Klypin, A., Zhao, H., & Somerville, R.S. 2002, ApJ, 573, 597

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