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Mailing Address:
Department of Astronomy phone:   (575)646.4438
New Mexico State University fax:   (575)646.1602
P. O. Box 30001, MSC 4500 e-mail:   oruiz
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003-8001
For overnight delivery such as FedEx or UPS, replace P. O. Box 30001, MSC 4500 with 1320 Frenger Mall.
Graduate Program
Ofelia Ruiz phone:   (575)646.4438
General information e-mail:   oruiz
Nancy Chanover phone:   (575)646.2567
Specific questions e-mail:   nchanove
Undergraduate Program
Ofelia Ruiz phone:   (575)646.4438
e-mail:   oruiz
James McAteer phone:   (575)646.4087
e-mail:   mcateer
Public Events
Sten Hasselquist phone:   (575)646.6328
e-mail:   outreach@astronomy.nmsu.edu
Ofelia Ruiz phone:   (575)646.4438
Open House Events e-mail:   oruiz
Jon Holtzman phone:   (575)646.8181
APO 3.5 meter e-mail:   holtz
Jon Holtzman phone:   (575)646.8181
NMSU 1 meter e-mail:   holtz

Please append "@nmsu.edu" to all contact e-mail addresses listed above.