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PhD Recipients, by Year and Topic of Interest
2011 - 2015
Candace Gray 2015The Effect of Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, and Co-rotating Interaction Regions on the Venusian 5577 Angstrom Oxygen Green Line
Michael Hayden2015Chemical Cartography of the Milky Way with SDSS-III/APOGEE
Kyle Degrave 2015Time-Distance Helioseismology: Testing the State-of-the-Art for Investigating the Structure of Sunspots and Supergranulation
Teresa Ross 2015 Exploring Dwarf Galaxy Evolution through Metallicity Distributions
Nikki Nielsen 2015Tracing Galaxy Evolution Through Spatial and Kinematic Probes of the MgII Circumgalactic Medium
Nick Ule 2015Quantifying Differential Rotation Across the Stellar Main Sequence
Cat Wu 2014The Kinematics of Ionized Gas in Nearby, Edge-on Galaxies from Multi-long-slit Spectroscopy
Robert Edmonds 2014Examination of Two Martian Atmosphere Dust Phenomena: Dust Devil Acoustics and Gravity Wave Forcing of Dust Storm Development
Greg Taylor 2014Development and Operation of an Off-Limb Solar AO system
Sebastian Trujillo 2014The Interplay Between Baryons and DM in the Process of Galaxy Formation
Adam McKay 2013The Volatile Composition of Comets as Inferred from Gas Production
Malynda Chizek 2013Data and Model Investigation of Martian Methane and Other Trace Gases
Maria Patterson 2013Properties of Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium in Galaxy Outskirts
Ryan Hamilton 2013Constraining Photospheric Abundances of Donor Stars in Cataclysmic Variables
Michael Kirk 2013The Anatomy of Chromospheric Flares and Associated Ephemeral Brightenings
Chas Miller 2013Methods for Constraining Surface Properties and Volatile Migration on Phoebe, Triton, Pluto, and the Moon
Jeff Coughlin 2012Fundamental Parameters of Exoplanets and their Host Stars
Jillian Bornak 2012A New Approach to Modeling Dust Emission in Classical Novae
Sean Lindsay 2012Discrete Dipole Approximation Model of Crystalline Forsterite
James Stockton 2011Pamela: Results on Electron and Positron Spectra in Cosmic Rays
Mike Sussman 2011Modeling Seasonal Change on Uranus with the EPIC GCM
Paul Strycker 2011Studies of Jovian Atmospheric Structure and Coloring Agents using Hyperspectral Imaging
Jessica Evans 2011MgII Quasar Absorption Line Systems as a Probe of Galaxy Structural and Kinematic Evolution
2006 - 2010
Randy Carlson 2010Spatial and Seasonal Variations in Saturn's Haze and Vertical Phosphine Distribution at 3 microns from 2005 to 2010
Jim Norwood 2010The Vertical Structure of the Uranian Atmosphere Near Equinox as Modeled with Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Observations
Douglas Hoffman 2009Automated Variable Star Classification Using the Northern Sky Variability Survey
Ashley Ruiter 2009White Dwarfs in Close Binaries: Gravitational Waves, X-rays, and Type Ia Supernova Progenitors
Ryan Campbell 2008Phase-Resolved Cyclotron Spectroscopy of Polars
Brandon Lawton 2008Diffuse Interstellar Bands in Damped Lyman-Alpha and Starburst Galaxies
Glenn Kacprzak 2008The Morphological, Kinematic, and Halo Gas Properties of MgII Absorption Selected Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift
Daniel Ceverino-Rodriguez2008Numerical Models of the Formation of Galaxies in an Expanding Universe
Carrie Anderson 2006Aerosol Vertical Structure in Earth-Analog Atmospheres
Steven Nelli 2006Sensitivities of a Coupled Dust and Water Cycle on Mars
Erica Voges 2006The Ionization Sources of the Diffuse Ionized Gas in Nearby Disk Galaxies
Bhasker Moorthy 2006Bulges of Spiral Galaxies: Stellar Populations, Structure, Kinematics, and Dynamics
Don Lubowich 2006The Galactic Deuterium Distribution
2001 - 2005
Melinda Kahre 2005The Martian Dust Cycle and the Evolution of Surface Dust Resevoirs
Joe Helmboldt 2005Star Formation at the Extreme Ends of the Hubble Sequence
Peregrine McGehee2005Magnetospheric Accretion in Substellar Objects
Takafumi Temma 2004Vertical Structure Modeling of Saturn with High-Spectral Resolution Imaging
Octavio Valenzuela 2003The Dynamics of Disk Galaxies as a Test for the Structure of Dark Matter Halos
Bob Zavala 2003A View through Faraday's Fog: Parsec Scale Rotation Measures in AGN
Tom Stephens 2003Design and Operation of the Wide-Angle Air Cherenkov Telescope Array
Jason Peterson 2003Characteristics of Radio Halos, Cosmic Ray Electron Propagation, and the Warm Ionized Medium as determined through Observations of Radio Synchrotron Emission from the Milky Way and Edge-on Spiral Galaxies
Denise Stephens 20021 to 4 micron Photometry and the Near-Infrared Classification of L and T Dwarfs
Chris Gelino 2002A Multi-Wavelength Search for Photometric Variability in L Dwarfs
Neal Miller 2001A Radio Perspective on Galaxy Evolution in the Cluster Environment
Salman Hameed 2001Massive Star Formation in Early-Type Spirals
Dawn Gelino 2001Modeling Infrared Ellipsoidal Variations: Determining the Masses of Black Holes
Christopher Garasi 2001Magnetic Fields and the Cluster Cooling Flow Hypothesis
1996 - 2000
Matthew Templeton 2000An Observational and Theoretical Study of High-Amplitude Delta Scuti Stars
Elizabeth Rizza 2000The Environments of Rich, Intermediate Redshift Abell Clusters: A Multi-Wavelength Approach
Andrey Kravtsov 2000High-Resolution Simulations of Structure Formation in the Universe
Nichole King 2000Luminous Blue Variables and Related High Mass Evolved Stars in M31 and Their Surprising Environments
Charles Hoopes 2000The Properties and Ionization Sources of Diffuse Ionized Gas in Spiral Galaxies
Mark Bliton 2000The Environments of Poor Clusters of Galaxies
David Thilker 1999Massive Stars and Expanding Shells within the Violent Interstellar Medium
Matthew Carlson 1999Young Globular Clusters in Interacting Galaxies
Amy Simon 1998The Time-Dependent Nature of Winds, Reflectivity and Weather Systems on Jupiter
Bruce Greenawalt 1998Diffuse Ionized Gas in Nearby Spiral Galaxies
Charles Walter 1997Properties of the Uranian Atmosphere as Revealed by Optical and Infrared Imaging
Percy Gómez 1997A Study of the Dynamics and Substructure of a Sample of Nearby Abell Clusters of Galaxies
Nancy Chanover1997Temporal Variations in the Vertical Structure of Jupiter's Atmosphere
Kevin Marvel 1996The Circumstellar Environment of Evolved Stars as Revealed by Studies of Circumstellar Water Masers
1991 - 1995
Kurt Roettiger 1995Numerical Simulations and the Observational Consequences of Merging Clusters of Galaxies
Jason Pinkney 1995The Dynamics of Galaxy Clusters Containing Wide-Angle Tailed Radio Sources
Pedro Sada 1993Temporal Variations in the Circumstellar Shell IRC+10216
Tamara Payne 1993A Multiwavelength Study of Solar Ellerman Bombs
Robert Donahue 1993Surface Differential Rotation in a Sample of Cool Dwarf Stars
Sylvia Baggett 1993The Box/Peanut Phenomenon in Disk Galaxies
Alan Hale 1992Orbital Coplanarity in Solar-Type Binary Systems: Implications for Planetary System Formation and Detection
1986 - 1990
Thomas Little 1990Search for Regularities in the Atmosphere of Jupiter
David Kuehn 1990A Study of the Temporal Behavior of the Vertical Structure of Jupiter's Atmosphere
Chris Barnet 1990Saturn's Seasonal Winds and Temperature: The Effect of the Ring System on the Troposphere and Stratosphere
Tom Hockey 1988A Historical Interpretation of the Study of the Visible Cloud Morphology on the Planet Jupiter: 1610 - 1878
Andrea Dobson 1987Activity-Rotation Relations for Lower Main Sequence Stars
Wayne Baggett 1987A Study of Environmental Influences on the Structure of Spiral Galaxy Disks
Kaz Sekiguchi 1986The Initial Mass Function of Starburst Galaxies
John Hakkila 1986Statistical Properties of Barium Stars
1981 - 1985
Randy Olson 1985The Morphology of the Planetary Nebula NGC3242
John Lambert 1985Occultation and Lightcurve Analysis: The Figure of 2 Pallas
Julian Christou 1985Seeing Effects and Their Calibration for Astronomical Speckle Interferometry Observations
Dan Boice 1985The Neutral Sodium D_2 Line in Late-Type Stars
Hunt Guitar 1984Analysis of Motions of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and White Ovals
Rob Suggs 1983Temporal Albedo Variations in Saturn's Atmosphere
Roger Davis 1983A High Dispersion Spectral Analysis of Three Pre-Main Sequence Stars
John Keady 1982The Circumstellar Envelope of IRC+10216
Dave Bruning 1981The Applicability of the Fourier Convolution Theorem to the Analysis of Late-Type Stellar Spectra
1976 - 1980
Jack Drummond 1980A Photometric Investigation of Possible Binary Occurrence in the Central Stars of Seventeen Planetary Nebula
Ed Tedesco 1979A Photometric Investigation of the Colors, Shapes, and Spin Rates of Hirayama Family Asteroids
Tim Schneeberger 1977Balmer Emission Lines in T Tauri-like Decelerating Flows
Harold Reitsema 1977Quantitative Spectral Classification of Solar-type Stars and the Sun
Adrian Herzog 1977An Analysis of Numerical Integration Techniques for the Modeling of Open Galactic Clusters
Dennis Dawson 1977A Photoelectric Investigation of the Physical Nature of RV Tauri Variables
1971 - 1975
Dennis Hollars 1975An Observational and Theoretical Investigation of Calcium II H and K Emission in Yellow Supergiants and Classical Cepheids
Tom Pauls 1974Radio Observations of HII Regions in the Galactic Center
Brad Smith 1972Observations of Atmospheric Limb Darkening in the Visual Continuum and an Analysis of Multiple Scattering in the Atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn
MS Recipients, by Year and Topic of Interest
2011 - 2015
Audrey Oravetz2015The Fate of Ionizing Photons in Two Different Star Formation Complexes in the SMC
Daniel Oravetz2015Searching for Metallicity Spread in Five Galactic Star Clusters
Leland Wehland2012The Selection, Mounting, and Integration of an Infrared Photon-Counting APD Module for J-Band Astronomical Photometry on the NMSU HSP
Mark Gleed2012Merging Rates of Large Galactic Halos: Comparing Observations and Cosmological Simulations
Jacqueline McCleary2011Kinematic and Photometric Decompositions of Observed and Simulated Disk Galaxies: Theoretical and Observational Prodictions
David Teal2011Martian Middle-Latitude Stationary Waves as Manifested in MRO MCS Retrieved Temperature Data
2006 - 2010
Mary Jo Clark2010The Search for Orphan Optical Afterglows from Gamma-ray Bursts in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey II: Supernova Survey
Roberto Avila2009Metallicity Gradients in the Stellar Populations of M33
Jiehae Choi2009Multi-Longslit Spectroscopy for Kinematic Studies
Allison Widhalm2008Gas Dynamics in the Milky Way Galaxy
Linghong Hu2008Numerical Models of Galaxy Formation
Tanya Tavenner2006Cloud Tracking of Venus' Lower Cloud Deck
Pey-Lian Lim2006Hi-Res Spectroscopy of a Hipparcos Sample within 100 parsecs
2001 - 2005
Sarah Giandoni2005Absorption Lines and Galaxies toward PKS 0312-77
Sarah Bates2005New M31 Globular Clusters derived from the SDSS
Carla Adams2004Extremes of Galaxy Evolution: Tracing Star Formation in Local Spiral Galaxies
Heather Bogue 2003Determining the Component Masses of Cataclysmic Variables
Mayrita Vitvitska 2003The Origin of Angular Momentum in Dark Matter Halos
Mark Blackmon 2003Seasonal Variations in Dust Flux in the Martian Polar Regions
Hector Noriega 2003Population gradients in WLM
1996 - 2000
Nathaniel Paust 2000The Star Formation History of the Local Milky Way
Vanessa Galarza 1999Spectrophotometry of HII Regions, Diffuse Ionized Gas, and Supernova Remnants in M31: The Transition from Photoionization to Shock Ionization
Marla Geha 1998HST/WFPC2 Observations of Stellar Populations in the LMC Field
1991 - 1995
Susan Lederer 1995Consequences of Albedo Feature Pseudoperiodicities for Jovian Seismology
Lyle Huber 1995Zonal (East-West) Winds and Cloud Morphology in Jupiter's Atmosphere
Christina Heikkila 1995...
Bryant Heikkila 1995Far-Infrared and Radio Continuum Spatial Correlations in Ten Nearby Spiral Galaxies
Stephen Doe 1994ROSAT Observations of Five Poor Galaxy Clusters with Extended Radio Sources
Brian Kooiman 1993Two-Point Angular Correlation Function for the Green Bank 4.85 Ghz Radio Sky Survey
Jason Kendall 1993The Effect of Time-Varying Density Fields on Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation: A New Formulation
James Dean 1993A Study of Box and Peanut Galaxies in the Infrared
Warren Hack 1992Stellar Internal Motions Within the Orion Nebula Region
David Brown 1992An Investigation of the Radio and X-ray Properties of Southern Rich Clusters of Galaxies
Kenneth Swanson 1991Spatial and High Speed Characteristics of the Los Alamos Ranicon Detector
William McDaid 1991A Chemical Analysis of the HR1614 Group: Is it a Supercluster?
1986 - 1990
Steve Berrick 1990...
John Crain 1986Positions of 127 Hyads and 6-cm Observations of 320 Hyads
1981 - 1985
William Ryan 1985Considerations of the Effects of Quantum Gravity on Friedmann-Robertson-Walker-Type Universes
Eileen Ryan 1985Interstellar Extinction and the Assumption of Heterogeneous Dust Grains
Barry Rishel 1985...
Scarlet Ayres 1985...
Suzanne Hammond-Jacobi 1981...
1976 - 1980
Pete Brewton 1979...
Gary Garwood 1979...
Robert Hill 1979An Investigation of the Blue Straggler Problem
Steve Horan 1979A Survey of the Hyades for Delta Scuti Variables
Steven Solomon 1979The Development of an Automated PDS Photographic Photometry System and its Application to the Galactic Cluster M11