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Thank you for your interest in our graduate program. All the basic information you need to complete an application to the NMSU graduate astronomy program is available on this web site and at NMSU Graduate Admissions, and the NMSU Graduate School Catalog is available online here.

Please note that our admissions materials have transitioned from paper to electronic format. This includes both uploading of application forms, statements, unofficial transcripts and GRE scores, etc. and letters of recommendation.

Contact and Correspondence

We maintain a single email account for all admissions-related correspondence, and request that you direct all email messages regarding the application process through this account: gradapps (domain astronomy.nmsu.edu). A member of the Graduate Admissions Committee or another appropriate member of the Astronomy Department will respond promptly to all queries. If you send an email directly to a specific member of the department, please Cc: the above account on your message. (This will help us to insure that all email messages receive a prompt response.)

Correspondence may include specific questions about our graduate astronomy program, assistance setting up direct contact with a current graduate student to learn about graduate life at NMSU, or any other related topic. If you wish to call or write to a specific person, please consider contacting one of the following individuals.

For information on additional contacts, please browse the directory information for our faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Required Materials (Deadline: January 15st)

There are four components to a complete application:

Details for each of these components are given below:

Packet Verification

Once you have submitted all of your application materials, we recommend that you wait ten days before confirming that everything has been received. You will also be responsible for checking with your letter writers to see that they have each sent in a letter of reference for you in a timely fashion. Be sure that all three of your letters of recommendation have been received, as well as the materials that you sent directly to us, by the February 1 deadline. For final packet verification, we recommend direct contact with our Head of Department Staff, Ms. Ofelia Ruiz. You can email her at oruiz (domain nmsu.edu), or call her at 575.646.4438.

Mailing Address

Graduate Admissions Committee
Department of Astronomy
New Mexico State University
P. O. Box 30001, MSC 4500
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003-8001

For overnight services such as FedEx or UPS, replace P. O. Box 30001, MSC 4500 with 1320 Frenger Mall above.

Researching the NMSU Astronomy Program

The departmental masthead (the set of menus which can be pulled down from the top of any of our web pages) is a very good place to find lots of information about the graduate program.

Each of the four research groups (planetary, stellar & solar, galactic, and extragalactic) provides a central research page explaining the broad goals of the group and listing the group members. All research staff (PhDs and students alike) members maintain an individual research page as well, describing the work that they do themselves (so you can read about many of the projects that we work on at NMSU by clicking on the names of people listed in the Directory pages).

The Talks lists talks that will be given in the department throughout the current semester (including our colloquium series with guest speakers, our weekly informal lunch talks, research group meetings, and student dominated sessions like the seminar series and the journal club).

The entries under the Public Events heading provide an overview of public outreach efforts through the department, and the Observatories section will tell you about a number of the observatory facilities that NMSU astronomers often use.

The Academics menu holds lots of information about the graduate courses that you will attend and the undergraduate courses that you might teach, as well as many details to help you with the process of applying to NMSU (be sure to read through the pages maintained by the department graduate students, including this FAQ). The Directory pages also list phone numbers and email addresses for all department members so that they are easy to contact; don't hesitate to call upon one of us if you have questions and you think that we can help.