Echelle Reduction Manual for IRAF

Chris Churchill
Professor of Astronomy


This manual describes the somewhat general IRAF packages, tasks, and parameters necessary to calibrating, extracting, and viewing data taken with echelle spectrographs. It is intended as a beginner's guide to IRAF echelle data reduction. Many task and task parameters are explained in detail and an example reduction from start to finish is presented. Specific concerns and settings for the Hamilton Echelle Spectrograph are addressed, but these apply to echelle spectrographs in general. Optimal extractions and scattered light removal techniques are addressed.


I should really warn that much of the text is geared toward the Hamilton Echelle Spectrograph, which is a prism corss-dispersed instrument with closely packed orders. Furthemore, some of the discussion is outdated with regard to bugs in olde IRAF version. And you can ignore the discussions about getting your data off tapes!

Terms of Usage

I have found through personal communications from more people than I ever would have imaged that they have read and benefited from this manual. I am pleased to hear this (that is what it was written for!). But, I ask you to kindly REFERENCE the manual in any published work that results from its use.

The reference is: Churchill, C. W. 1995, Lick Technical Report, No. 74

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