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Chris Churchill
Professor of Astronomy


HAMSCATT is an F77 module that interoperates with IRAF via the IMFORT library. It is publicly available. The distributed directory structure contains the HAMSCATT software and supporting software necessary for linking and executing the echelle spectrograph illumination correction algorithms described by Churchill and Allen (1995, PASP, 107, 193).

Disclaimer: HAMSCATT was originally written for IRAF V2.10.4 and may require small modifications for usage with new versions

PASP Abstract

A method for background-illumination correction for the Hamilton Echelle Spectrograph is presented. The background is parametrized as (1) a global two-dimensional polynomial of scattered light, and (2) a local contamination of spectral features from adjacent orders modeled as a power law in the cross dispersion. The latter component corrects the overlap of closely packed adjacent orders. The significance of the local component is verified by statistical tests and interorder inspection. A software tool useful with the Image Reduction Analysis Facility has been made publicly available.

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