RATES: An Ionization Code

Chris Churchill
Professor of Astronomy


RATES is free source ionization code derived from the code HARTRATE, which was described in the paper

Ionization Modeling Astrophysical Gaseous Structures. I. The Optically Thin Regime, Churchill, C.W. Klimek, E. Medina, A. and Vander Vliet, J.R 2014, ApJ, submitted (arXiv:1409.0916)

RATES is a code for modeling the ionization conditions of optically thin astrophysical gas structures. Given the gas hydrogen density, equilibrium temperature, elemental abundances, and the ionizing spectrum, RATES solves the equilibrium ionization fractions and number densities for all ions from hydrogen to zinc. The included processes are photoionization, Auger ionization, direct collisional ionization, excitation auto-ionization, charge exchange ionization, two-body radiative recombination, dielectronic recombination, and charge exchange recombination. The ionizing spectrum can be generalized to include the ultraviolet background (UVB) and/or Starburst99 stellar populations of various masses, ages, metallicities, and distances.

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The gzipped tar file will unpack the Fortran 95 program files, Makefile, and run-time input file 'rates.inp' into the directory 'hartrate/'. The tabulated data files will unfold into the directory 'hartrate/Iondata/'. The UVB spectral library will unpack into the directory 'hartrate/UVBspectrum/'. The Starburst 99 spectral library will unpack into the directory 'hartrate/Sb99spectrum/'. Example output from the code (corresponding to the parameters given in the run-time file 'rates.inp', will unpack into the directory 'hartrate/Output/'.


Reference: Churchill+ (2014, ApJ, submitted, arXiv:1409.0916).

Please refer to the code as RATES*, where the footnote is
* http://astronomy.nmsu.edu/cwc/Software/Ioncode/