The MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog

Nikki Nielsen, Chris Churchill, Glenn Kacprzak, Michael Murphy

Trixie the Magic Cat

The MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog (MAGIICAT; pronounced "magic-cat") is a compilation of some 200 spectroscopically confirmed galaxies with MgII λλ2796,2803 absorption measurements in quasar spectra with projected separations of no more than 200 kpc. On these pages we present the data published to date, which are publicly available from this website. We also make available our published papers, and outline the basic properties of MAGIICAT galaxies.

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The MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog, MAGIICAT, is a compilation of 182 spectroscopically identified intermediate redshift (0.07 < z < 1.1) isolated galaxies with measurements of MgII λλ2796,2803 absorption from their circumgalactic medium within projected distances of 200 kpc from background quasars. We have standardized all galaxy properties to the ΛCDM cosmology and galaxy luminosities, absolute magnitudes, and rest-frame colors to the B- and K-band on the AB system. Where we have obtained access to HIRES/Keck or UVES/VLT quasar spectra, we have remeasured the rest-frame MgII λ2796 and MgII λ2803 equivalent widths, Wr(2796) and Wr(2803), respectively. Upper limits on Wr(2796) are quoted at the 3σ level; and must be less than or equal to 0.3 Å, corresponding to an unresolved absorption feature, for a galaxy to be included in MAGIICAT.

The above plots, which are Figures 1-3 from Paper I (Nielsen et al. 2013), show the basic characteristics of the MAGIICAT galaxies and their MgII λ2796 absorption strengths.

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To date, there are five (5) series papers.

Paper I : Nielsen, N.M., Churchill, C.W., Kacprzak, G.G., & Murphy, M.T. 2013, ApJ, 776, 114
MAGIICAT I. The MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1304.6716 | Table 1 (PDF) | Table 2 (PDF) |

Paper II : Nielsen, N.M., Churchill, C.W., & Kacprzak, G.G. 2013, ApJ, 776, 115
MAGIICAT II. General Characteristics of the MgII Absorbing Circumgalactic Medium
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1121.1380 |

Paper III : Churchill, C.W., Trujillo-Gomez, S., Nielsen, N.M., & Kacprzak, G.G. 2013, ApJ, 779, 87
MAGIICAT III. Interpreting Self-Similarity of the Circumgalactic Medium with Virial Mass using MgII Absorption
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1308.2618 | Table 1 (PDF) |

Paper IV : Nielsen, N.M., Churchill, C.W., Kacprzak, G.G., Murphy, M.T., & Evans, J.L. 2016, ApJ, 818, 171
MAGIICAT IV. Kinematics of the Circumgalactic Medium and Evidence for Quiescent Evolution Around Red Galaxies
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1512.06969 |

Paper V : Nielsen, N.M., Churchill, C.W., Kacprzak, G.G., Murphy, M.T., & Evans, J.L. 2015, ApJ, 812, 83
MAGIICAT V. Orientation of Outflows and Accretion Determine the Kinematics and Column Densities of the Circumgalactic Medium
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1505.07167 |

Additional papers based upon MAGIICAT:

Churchill, C.W., Nielsen, N.M, Kacprzak, G.G., & Trujillo-Gomez, S. 2013, ApJ, 763, L42
The Self-Similarity of the Circumgalactic Medium with Galaxy Virial Mass: Implications for Cold-Mode Accretion
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1121.1008 |

Kacprzak, G.G, Churchill, C.W., & Nielsen, N.M, 2012, ApJ, 760, L7
Tracing Outflows and Accretion: A Bimodal Azimuthal Dependence of MgII Absorption
| ADS Abstract | arXiv:1205.0245 |

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Paper 1 Table 1 | Data | Notes | Adopted Observed Quantities for the Galaxies
Paper 1 Table 2 | Data | Notes | EWs and DRs, Impact Parameters, Absolute Magnitudes, Colors, and Luminosities
Paper 3 Table 1 | Data | Notes | Masses, Virial Radii, Cooling Radii
Paper 4 Table 1 | Data | Notes | Subset of Absorber-Galaxy Pairs Used for the Kinematics Analysis

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All electronic data from MAGIICAT are made freely available for download and personal analysis. If you utilize or publish any data, analysis, or results, either in an oral/poster presentation, or in any written article, the proper reference is (Paper I) Nielsen, N.M., Churchill, C.W., Kacprzak, G.G., & Murphy, M.T. 2013, ApJ, 776, 114. Further acknowledgment might kindly include:

"This work makes use of the MAGIICAT data obtained from the website, hosted by The Department of Astronomy at New Mexico State University."

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