Colloquium Thesis Proposal: Minje Beom
Feb 26 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Colloquium Thesis Proposal: Minje Beom @ BX102

Characteristics of Gaseous Counter-rotating Galaxies and their Role in Galaxy Evolution

Minje Beom, NMSU

A counter-rotating galaxy is a galaxy having one or more component with opposite angular momentum to the main stellar disk. Absent the presence of tidal tails and disturbed morphologies seen in ongoing galaxy mergers, a counter-rotating feature is the most direct evidence for past galaxy interaction. Not only counter-rotators are unique and interesting themself, but they are good targets from the perspective of their possible role in galaxy quenching. This study is analyzing characteristics of gaseous counter-rotators in the largest and unbiased galaxy sample based on the large MaNGA galaxy sample. We also include various photometric data from UV to Radio data and archival images for a comprehensive analysis. Based on these, we will present reliable statistics and common characteristics for various gaseous counter-rotators with different galaxy types and inclinations. Their characteristics will be also analyzed to describe how they are linked to their formation process. The kinematics of counter-rotators will be analyzed from the galaxy evolution point of view to compare to that of the other normal galaxies. In addition, we will search for any counter-rotating stellar component embedded in the major stellar disk to see any evidence for the formation origin or to estimate a stellar population formed in the centrally concentrated gas produced by their formation process.

Colloquium Thesis Proposal: Alec Herczeg
Apr 9 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Colloquium Thesis Proposal: Alec Herczeg @ Remote via Zoom


Alec Herczeg, NMSU