Constrained Simulations: Simulating the real Universe

Simulation with constraints taken from reconstruction of velocities ans masses and distances to nearby clusters of galaxies. Box size 160Mpc. 1024**3 particles.


 image Aslice through the central region of the simulation. The data were periodically repicated to make the image slightly larger: 180Mpch on a side. Our Galaxy is at the center of the image. Just above it there is Virgo. Large mass concentration in the top is the Great Wall. The Great attractor is on the left: many clusters of galaxies and large groups.   View HighRes JPG HighRes PS
Coma Cluster  View PDF   JPG file


Local Group environment

Milky Way is in the middle of the plot in a filament, that does almost diagonal from top left to bottom right. M31 is to the right from MW in a small filament, which is almost orthogonal to the main filament. ViewJPG   PS file