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These policies are elaborated on in the syllabus. If you have any questions, please stop by during my office hours or send me an email.

Tutoring Free, face-to-face tutoring is offered on a walk-in basis at Zuhl Library in the Student Success Center. They are open during the below-mentioned times. All tutors are undergraduate students who have mastered the content areas in which they tutor. See the schedule for a complete list of tutoring times and subjects. If you need tutoring for a course that is not listed, or for more information about tutoring, contact Lisa Kirby via email or at 646-6050 or 646-1342.

Mondays - Wednesday: 1pm - 8pm
Thursdays: 2pm - 6pm

Work from the previous lab is due at the beginning of each lab. Each student must turn in a lab summary, but only one packet must be turned in per lab group.

Week Lab Date
1 Lab 1: Intro 8/15
2 Lab 4: Surfaces of Terrestrial Planets 8/22
3 Lab 5: Kepler's Laws
Class will be held in Jacobs 129
4 Lab 3: Comets and Meteors 9/5

Astronomy Picture of the Day (aka APOD) has a different image or photograph each day of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. is a great resource for easy-to-read articles.

Universe Today is in the same vein as a great site to trawl through.

HubbleSite has those fantastic images you've all seen as well as great articles.

Build a solar system lets you calculate your own scale model of the solar system; or, for a more intuitive feel of the size of the solar system, you can visit the Virtual solar system scale model.