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Welcome to the NMSU Astronomy Graduate Student Organization website! The AGSO was created to interface the astronomy graduate students with the more general student organizations (ASNMSU, GSC) and the astronomy department. In this website we've compiled advice and information for incoming and current graduate students. Below you will find information on our current grad students. Curious about previous students? Check out the astronomy department alumi page.

AGSO Officers

President: Diane Feuillet
Vice-President: Sten Hasselquist
Secretary: Kathryn Steakley
Treasurer: Lauren Kahre
GSO Representative: Sam Schonfeld
Cumulative Exam Czar: Alexander Thelen
Website Manager: Jacob Vander Vliet
Meteorology Magister: Robert Edmonds
Tea Time Overlord: Lauren Kahre
Extragalactic Beer Leader: Carlos Vargas and Alexander Thelen
Liaison to Undergraduate Affairs: Alexander Thelen

Random Quote:

Kenza Arraki
Kenza Arraki
Simulating galactic evolution; QSOs

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Rappaport, NSF GK-12 DISSECT Fellowship
Ethan "Gains" Dederick
Ethan Dederick
Stellar formation and evolution

Kyle "Downstairs" Degrave
Kyle "Downstairs" Degrave
Solar astronomy

New Mexico Space Grant, Zia Award
Robert "Stormchaser" Edmonds

Atmosphere modeling; storm chasing

Meteorology Magister
predicts the weather for star parties and campus observatory

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF), New Mexico Space Grant
Jeremy Emmett
Jeremey Emmett
Planetary physics; space flight

Laurel "Hummus Cups" Farris
Laurel Farris
Solar astronomy

Diane "D-Dawg" Feuillet
Diane Feuillet
APOGEE, red giant abundance analysis, globular clusters

liaison between astronomy grad students and faculty

Murrell Award
Candace "Meeeer" Gray
Candace Gray
Planetary atmospheres; formation and evolution of gas giants and satellites; comet composition

Pegasus Award, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF)
Amber Hall
Amber Hall

Sten Hasselquist
Sten Hasselquist
Stellar populations and kinematics

Vice President
organizes volunteers for outreach events

Michael "the Hayd" Hayden
Michael Hayden
The high redshift universe; galactic halos; exoplanet detection

Lauren Kahre
Lauren Kahre
Galaxy clusters

Tea Time
schedules the weekly food and beverages

handles group funding requests, organizes Spring cabin trip

Liz "Little Budgie" Klimek
Liz Klimek
Quasar absorption lines; active galaxy evolution; outreach

New Mexico Space Grant, Rappaport Award
Gordon MacDonald
Gordon MacDonald
Solar flares, space weather

Sean "Shark Boy" Markert
Sean Markert
Simulated dwarf galaxies; Large scale structure

Supreme Treasurer for Life
ultimate authority on Treasuring, oversees all actions taken by the Treasurer

Pegasus Award
Gavin Mathes
Gavin Mathes
Observational astronomy, extragalctic astronomy

Nigel Mathes
Nigel Mathes
Galaxy kinematics and IGM using quasar absorption lines

Space Grant
Laura Mayorga
Laura Mayorga
Extrasolar planets

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, HED

Jean "x3" McKeever
Jean McKeever
Asteroseismology; red giants

Nikki Nielsen
Nikki Nielsen
Quasar absorption lines; MgII CGM; Galaxy evolution

New Mexico Space Grant, Graduate Research Enhancement Grant, Zia Award, NSF EAPSI, ALUMNI OUTSTANDING GRADUATE STUDENT FOR THE GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!!!
Meredith Rawls
Meredith Rawls
Eclipsing binaries; stellar evolution; asteroseismology

Space Grant
Teresa "T-Bone" Ross
Teresa Ross
Dwarf galaxies: metallicity and chemical evolution

Graduate Assistant Award, Pegasus Award
Sam "Creampuff" Schonfeld
Sam Schonfeld
Solar astronomy, stellar astronomy

GSO Representative
attends GSC meetings

Space Grant
Kathryn Steakley
Kathryn Steakley
Planetary Science

recharters the GSO, handles outreach bookkeeping

Alexander "Doppler Ball" Thelen
Alexander Thelen
Exoplanets, astrobiology

Extra Galactic Beer (EGB)
organizes fun activities that might or might not involve beer
Cume Czar
maintains book of cume solutions, arranges solution sessions

Liaison to Undergraduate Affairs
helps organize events with the undergraduate astronomy club

Kyle "Upstairs" Uckert
Kyle Uckert
Ice giant atmospheres, astrobiology, instrumentation

NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship, Murrell Award
Nick "The Axe" Ule
Nick Ule
Variable stars; star spots; extrasolar planets

Space Grant
Jacob "JCB" Vander Vliet
Jacob Vander Vliet
Simulated circumgalactic medium; Galaxy evolution

Web Admin
webmaster for AGSO site

Space Grant
Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas
Cosmology, galaxy evolution

Extra Galactic Beer (EGB)
organizes fun activities that might or might not involve beer

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Cat "Ninja Cat" Wu
Cat Wu
Multi-slit spectroscopy of edge-on galaxies; vertical rotation
gradients of halo gas from H-alpha observations

HED, New Mexico Space Grant, Pegasus Award

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