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New Mexico State University requires you to complete two main forms to receive your reimbursement funds, a vendor questionnaire and a direct pay request. For each of the two forms below, you are provided with a "template" form that has indicators of the fields you are to fill in, and the "official" form that you should print out and use. Follow the directions for each form as given below. Some fields are already filled in for you.

Foreign students: You need to submit the two forms below AND the W-8BEN tax form as described.

  1. Vendor questionnaire: [Template form]     [Official form ]

    Use the "Template form" as a guide to fill out the "Official form." IMPORTANT: Only answer the fields that are circled in orange in the template! Nothing else.

    • If you are not a US citizen, Section 2 requires a completed [W-8BEN] tax document

    We do not need the original version of this document. You should either scan and email it to

    vendors "at"
    and please cc the email to
    oruiz "at"
    jasonj "at"

    Alternatively you can also fax it to 575.646.3736.

  2. Direct pay request: [Template form]     [Official form ]

    Again, use the "template" as a guide to fill out the "official" direct pay request.

    YOU MUST SIGN THIS FORM WITH BLUE PEN!! If you have a color scanner, please email the completed and signed (in blue) document to oruiz "at" If you can't get it scanned and emailed, please send the original signed (in blue) copy of this form to NMSU. Use the following mailing address:

    Jason Jackiewicz
    New Mexico State University
    Department of Astronomy
    PO Box 30001, MSC 4500
    Las Cruces, NM 88001

    Any questions can be sent to jasonj "at" or by calling 575.646.1699.