2017 Total Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, millions of people across the United States will see nature’s most wondrous spectacle — a total eclipse of the Sun. It is a scene of unimaginable beauty; the Moon completely blocks the Sun, daytime becomes a deep twilight, and the Sun’s corona shimmers in the darkened sky.

In Las Cruces, you can join the Museum of Nature and Science (411 North Main Street) for the solar eclipse. While we will not experience the total solar eclipse, being too far south, we will be treated to a partial eclipse. Join as we watch the sun disappear behind the moon as it passes between the Earth and the sun, and learn about the different types of eclipses and how to be safe. The museum will have solar telescopes, “Sun Spotters,” and solar eclipse glasses available so everyone can safely watch the eclipse. Come on Monday, August 21 from 10am to 1:30pm.

Click here to learn about an NMSU team who will travel to the eclipse to fly a balloon that will take movies and science data of the event.

If you are able to travel to the path of totality, you’re in for a treat! To find out where the best places to go to see the eclipse, use this resource.

What the amazing experience of a total eclipse is like.

More information about the eclipse.




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